Saturday, December 13, 2008

Who are Tippy and Jasper?

Tippy and Jasper are the official pets of the house. Tippy is the terrier mix (maybe some Jack Russell in there?) that we got from the pound almost 4 years ago. Tippy is gentle but can be nervous and excitable. He is so ticklish all over he almost can't stand to be patted. He is a friend of cats. When we walk around the neighborhood, cats on several blocks come to sniff noses with him. Before Jasper threw his weight around, there were several cats who would come to our backyard to play rodeo with Tippy.

Jasper is the Formerly Feral. He showed up to share our old cat Pichou's food as a tiny kitten in the spring of 2002 and became tame enough to catch in about a month. Jasper's only animal friend is Tippy. Jasper is too territorial to be friends with the cats around here and most of the dogs besides Tippy are big black barkers.

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