Sunday, November 28, 2010

Blog almost as neglected as the garden

Well, I guess I need to finally harvest the basil since it's the end of November. It got a little frosted Friday night. It got a late start, and we had 80 degree weather as recently as Thursday, so I was trying to nurse it along.

The kumquats are making the trees bend over. They look like lots of orange Christmas ornaments. They are a blessing and a curse - what can you do with all those kumquats? They turn brown when made into marmalade, which tastes good if you are brave enough to eat it. All our cabinets are full of kumquats floating in various kinds of alcohol; rum, tequila, brandy, etc.

I'm going to get the electric dehydrator out, see if I can dry the sliced kumquats, then candy them. Seeding and running them through a food processor makes a nice slurry to put in the freezer; mixes well with condensed milk for a decadent orange-flavored frosting, or mixed with whipped cream, or a cheesecake recipe.

Our Louisiana Sweets orange has a nice load of fruit to match the kumquat trees. We have a few satsumas, but no Meyer lemons at all. I hope to get a few lemons from my neighbor across the street.

My roses, as well as those all over town, love the hot/cool weather. The cooler weather makes everything bloom. And my dwarf blueberry plant thinks it's spring - it just put out lots of pink blooms. If we have some more warm weather, maybe I'll have a dozen blueberries for Christmas.

Still have some green tomatoes on the vine, but doubt if it will be warm enough for them to ripen. We planted tomatoes in March this year, but it was too late. It got too hot for them to set fruit. We'll put them in earlier next year.