Sunday, August 14, 2011

Weekend Roundup

Well, this has been a busy week. So busy, that I can't even remember what happened in the first part of it.

Along about the middle, I ran over Peanut the 17 year old cat. Oh, it's OK, she's all right. But! She was in the driveway when I came back from the gym, and she normally gets up to move as you slowly drive towards her. I guess she thought I was far enough away to miss her because she didn't move.

When I stopped, I noticed the other cats Andy and Jake running towards the back of my car. I opened my door, heard a low, loud, guttural howling. I ran around to see, and there was Peanut trapped by the back wheel. I didn't stop to see what part of her was caught; I ran back around quick as I could, turned the car on, put it in reverse. By the time I got out again, she was limping away.

She went under Ray's truck, and refused to come out, even with some canned food as a motivation. So, I got the broom and pushed on her a little. She didn't like that, but she got up, went close to a rear wheel where I could grab her. I took her into the house, where she sat for a minute, then went under a kitchen chair where she would retract her hind legs every time she'd get a pain. Tippy, our sensitive new-age dog, came to lie close to her.

In a few minutes, she got up and limped around. I couldn't see anything broken or any blood. I guess I just pinched one or both of her legs under the wheel. Once I let her back out, she was happy to eat some canned food, then jumped on the top of Ray's truck cab. She hasn't been lying on the driveway since.

Took me a while to get over the trauma. Now, every time a family member leaves the house in a car, I remind them not to run over any cats, then laugh maniacally.

Stephanie and I went to east Texas yesterday for just the day, to visit with Ray's sister and her husband, and celebrate their granddaughter's birthday. It was a fun day, and we didn't get home till 9:30 pm.

Today, I was supposed to go to Acadian Culture Day at Vermilionville, but I ended up doing my laundry, cleaning bathrooms, doing grocery shopping, and finished the day by installing some additional memory in two of a friend's computers as well as installing her new wireless router. Wish I had another weekend day. Back to work tomorrow, with a slower commute due to the K-12 school year starting.