Saturday, December 27, 2008

Carport Kitties

The official pets have been introduced, but we also have a full complement of carport kitties.

Peanut belongs across the street, where her name is Abby. Her small head is the reason she got the name "Peanut" on this side of the street. She sometimes goes home, but stays in our carport or side yard if we're home. If you take too long loading or unloading your car and leave the doors open, she will go inside to scope it out. She was very freaky and shy, but now she meows at the kitchen door if she's gone too long without kitty treats. She will also sneak in the kitchen door - she will sniff noses nicely with Tippy but she runs if she sees Jasper.

Jake has many aliases. He was abandoned by a renter down the street over a year ago, and patrols the street looking for handouts. I tried to get a good home for him but now I'm too attached. Jake reminds me of O'Malley the Alley Cat in "The Aristocats". The people down the street call him "Jackson," the next door neighbors call him "Tiger". He is friends with Blue, the large charcoal cat next door. His fur is soft like rabbit fur and he's very affectionate with people he knows. He makes the rounds, many people on the street know him and feed him.

Blue lives next door, used to come over and chase Tippy around the yard. Jasper put a stop to that, so now Blue hangs out with Jake and Peanut. Blue is a troublemaker. Any time he sees another cat relaxing, he has to sneak up on them and pounce.

I don't have a current picture of Milky Way, neighbor cat to the east. He thinks he owns the block, and has a power struggle with Blue and Jake over driveway ownership.

If I'm not careful, I could be the crazy cat lady of the block. However, all these cats have official owners except Jake.

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