Saturday, December 13, 2008

Record Breaking Snow!

Well, it snowed Thursday, Dec. 11, 2008. It was the first measurable snow ever recorded in December. There are many 1 and 2 foot tall snowmen all over town. Our schools did not close, but lots of kids stayed out and played. It melted by early afternoon. My high schooler is still mad because I made her go. The orange fruits are kumquats. The tree in the middle of the yard photo is a calamondin - they say it's a cross between a satsuma and a kumquat.

There were no pet tracks in our snow - Tippy and Jasper stayed in their beds on the patio. They are both southern-bred and had never seen snow before.


  1. bad mother!
    we played at school, I had 5 absent kids only... Lafayette was BEAUTIFUL under all that snow. I am so happy I witnessed it, lifetime event!!!

    See you soon.

    Céline, Djed et Salomé.

  2. Hi Amy!!!

    The snow is beautiful. We had some too. There was still snow in Folsom and Hammond on Friday. Lilli drove over to work in it, we did not get off. ave a wonderful Christmas and New Year.