Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Arctic Blast

They're saying it hasn't been this cold since 1996. We were in Missouri at the time, missed it.

We harvested all the oranges, Meyer lemons, and calamondins last night. The oranges fill up a pretty big Igloo cooler. The kumquat tree is close to the house, so we left those till Wednesday. The really big freeze will be Thursday night through Sunday.

The pets have been staying indoors at night - Jasper the cat wakes up promptly at 5:15 to be let out. Tippy the dog must be forced out for a potty break.

The Meyer lemon tree already looks like it has some cold damage to the top - guess we will have to prune it back pretty hard when this cold is over.

The scheffleras that are between the patio and the house are OK so far; we'll see how they do later. Gotta find all my plant blankets and sheets out in the shed.

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