Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year!

We had a nice time on New Year's Day. It was a contrast from last year, when our friends from Canada were here, and cooked all kinds of delicious Quebec specialties.

It was just the three of us cooking, and we found it MUCH more work than last year when Lucie and Renald cooked and Evelyne helped tidy things up. I know they were thinking of us - Lucie e-mailed New Year's Eve and Renald gave us a call New Year's Day.

We had a great time - it was great to have the friends here. Salome attended for the first time - she is almost 11 months old. She is already walking, and has a love-hate relationship with Tippy. She felt driven to go outside to see him, but she would fuss when she saw him, then move closer to him. She doesn't have stranger anxiety for people but apparently she does for animals. Her mother says cats and hamsters freak her out too. She is lots of fun to play with and watch. Her parents stayed with us for a few days when they first moved here from France.

Some of our friends were sick and couldn't make it - we missed them very much.

Have to take the Christmas tree and decorations down this weekend - we have another warm, humid, and thunderstormy gulf coast weekend ahead of us.

The weather is going to keep me from taking some of the photos of camellias - they are in full bloom in the neighborhood. Soon as the weather dries up a little, I'll post some pictures.


  1. How wonderful you can celebrate NYE on your patio!! It was about 23 that night here in Missouri. Brr. We bowed out of First Night since Anna's family was sick. We went to a "Wine Dinner" and then to see Benjamin Button.

    I did make black-eye peas and cabbage although I was the only one to eat them. :-) Spent New Year's Day vegging out watching football and doing a little laundry.

    Party for Cathy on Friday night so I spent all day Friday cleaning up, cooking, etc. Had a nice group come to visit. First time I ever ran out of food before! The guest list wasn't set until the day before (as Cathy was traveling) so it made it hard to guesstimate.

    Started taking down decorations yesterday so I could get Chuck to take out the tree before he left to go out of town today. Now I have to cart the rest downstairs an get them put away. Ack. Maybe while I watch football tonight.

    Glad you all had a nice holiday! Wish I could have been there too.